In part-1,we discussed peer authentication which is service to service.

Request Authentication

In this article we will be exploring Istio request authentication for end users using JWT .


  1. Cluster Environment created with EKS or KOPS
  2. Kubectl installed
  3. Istio installed
  4. Need Public key to access the cluster nodes
  5. Private/Public key for token generation/validation

Steps To Generate Public/Private Key Pair using openssl

For sample, we will be using openssl for certificates. In reality you may use CA signed certificates.

openssl genrsa -out private-key.pem 2048
openssl rsa -in private-key.pem -pubout -out public-key.pem

Istio End User Authentication

For user authentication, JWT token should be set in the incoming request. Istio takes care of JWT validation. So if we…


Istio is a service mesh for your microservices, which is designed for observability, routing, and resilience to traffic. It secures both north-south traffic and east-west traffic. North-south traffic is traffic entering (ingress) and exiting (egress) the service mesh. Istio handles north-south traffic through ingress and egress gateways, and traffic routing is managed by virtual services.

East-west traffic is traffic within the mesh, typically service-to-service. Istio’ s Envoy proxy manages east-west traffic, running as a sidecar in the Kubernetes pod of the service it is protecting.


There are two types of authentication provided by Istio.

  • Peer Authentication
    For service-to-service authentication.
  • Request…

Kubernetes is an open source orchestrator for deploying micro services.
Distributed tracing, also called distributed request tracing, is a method used to profile and monitor applications, especially those built using a
microservices architecture. Distributed tracing helps pinpoint where failures occur and what causes poor performance.

In this article, we will set up a distributed tracing system using Jaeger to a spring boot application.

Key Terms in Distributed Tracing

Logical unit of work in Jaeger which provides following key features.

  • Operation Name
  • Start Time of Operation
  • Duration of Operation

Data execution path through the system.

Key-value pairs are…

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